Who Is Steven

Meet Steven

When our founder Dr. Parker had his first visit to Mozambique in 2005,  he saw a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit displayed by the kids selling souvenirs on the beach. One in particular -  Steven - stood out. He not only spoke excellent English but, at the age of 9 or 10, clearly seemed to be in charge of all the young souvenir sellers. He would tell tourists to look around and get a feel for the prices but come back to him to make the purchase as he could give them the best price.

In the ensuing years, the friendship extended to Dr. Parker’s family who were also won over by Steven’s warmth and wit!

Steven had to leave school to help support his family. With encouragement and some financial assistance, he returned to school and completed all high school requirements.  He had expressed a desire to go to university and Dr. Parker said that his family would sponsor him if upon completing grade 12  he was accepted. One proud day, the news arrived that Steven had been accepted and his post secondary journey began.

Over the next two years, Steven provided regular updates and took Dr. Parker to his university to meet his professors during one of his trips to Mozambique. Sadly in 2018, word was received from Steven’s family that he had passed away quickly from hepatitis; not a deadly disease if you have access to proper medical care.

Steven’s short life is an inspiring example of how people living in the the most challenging circumstances, can create a better life with just a little bit of financial aid and encouragement. Steven’s perseverance, positive outlook on life and his entrepreneurial spirit are celebrated with the formation of this foundation named in his honour.  

Steven would be honoured to have his name associated with this work.